Traveling Love Fairy
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The Traveling Love Fairy is the culmination of years of work trying to understand my dream life and find my place in the online world. I knew that I needed to produce content for myself, but hated having to be my brand. Feeling the need to document and share every moment of my life, talking about myself constantly and editing countless pictures of myself left me quickly burnt out. However, I was fantastic at curating a successful online brand. 

Faced with the hard decision between the work that was supporting my dream life as a digital nomad and my sanity, I miraculously found another path! I could create badass, branded content for other people and keep my life in the background. 


traveling love fairy hikes in joshua tree desert

My dream life became my daily reality.

Traveling love fairy on sunrader roof in zion desert

The Traveling Love Fairy has created the space for me to share my messy, non-traditional, yet often picture-perfect life adventuring and working in a 33-year-old camper. I get to share everything on my terms. When the wings are on, I’m in work and share mode. Then I get to take them off and fully live in the present moment. It’s the ideal work/life balance described in countless business books. 

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If you need a fairy behind the scenes of your business creating content so you can focus on using your gifts and living your dream, learn more from my portfolio.