Traveling Love Fairy

I'm Jenn!

I'm a dream life enabler and digital nomad living in a 1984 Toyota Sunrader camper called the Snail Shell with my two ridiculous, old rescue dogs. Coffee and kombucha are my life forces and I really hate wearing shoes. This site exists so that I can share my life with you and help you to manifest your dreams by living intentionally, working mindfully and adventuring passionately. 

You can most often find me somewhere in the Western United States reading Tarot in the dirt, climbing rocks or playing around highlines. I refuse to accept living a life that doesn't make you truly, completely happy and grateful daily. I've found ways to develop my dream life outside of the structures that don't add value to my life and believe you can too. 

Read more of my story here and on my blog. Follow my adventures on Instagram. Let me read your cards to support you on your journey. Learn from my experience and mistakes as you become a digital entrepreneur

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My path

Even a year ago when I'd sold everything i owned and moved into my car to spend a few months focusing on meditating, rediscovering myself and finding my passions, I never would have believed you if you told me that i would end up being a tarot-reading energy worker. I was decently mindful, but far from spiritual.

All I was certain of in life was that I needed to find my people and love them. Who were they? How would I love? I had no fucking clue. , but it definitely wasn't anything to do with something weird or woo woo. I would have told you it wasn't for a recovering academic with traditional Christian, Southern roots, i couldn't wrap my head around being on a spiritual path. Finally, the universe was screaming loudly and unwaveringly enough that i surrendered to what it was saying. after letting go to my negative, skeptical  notions of all things woo woo, my life has become more than i ever imagined. I smile constantly, i'm cared for more than i thought was possible (and have the opportunities to reciprocate it!), i'm changing lives and have found my people to bring in and love hard. 

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My camper life

When I began to really clarify my dream life, I knew that I wanted to live small and mobile. I didn't fully understand why at the time, but the ability to do life wherever felt right and to really minimize my things and spacial impact seemed important to me. After living in my converted Honda CR-V for almost a year, I found my 1984 Toyota Sunrader that has become home. Lovingly referred to as "The Snail Shell, " this camper home has helped me to further cement myself into this dream life as a nomad.

I now recognize how much my small house has lead me to live an even larger life. I'm able to travel to where my heart is called and do life wherever that may be for as long as feel right. Fixing up an old camper, living intentionally and houseless and not having a stable physical community brings with it many ups and downs (and hilarious happenings!), but it has also made me ever more certain that my purpose is to develop and maintain a strong community for those living alternative lifestyles. 

For more on camper life, the story of it's name and the Snail Shell Adventures movement, click here

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My Tarot Story

In woo-woo circles, you'll hear about paths finding or choosing you. They say that when something is right for you it won't let you run away from it. In that sense, my Tarot journey is pretty cliche. 

I bought my first set of oracle cards in the summer of 2017. They would constantly give me goosebumps for how relevant they seemed to be for my friends and me. I kind of brushed them off as having generic messages that you could make work for any situation and what you got out of it was what you wanted. However, I kept pulling cards and eventually bought my first tarot deck. 

I shuffled the cards and decided I'd just draw one to start. I flipped over the 2 of Wands. This card is often about new discoveries and making progress. It's all about getting in deeply in touch with your intuition in order to fully recognize that you've got the skills to achieve everything you want. In the Motherpeace Tarot, the deck I was using, it's a picture of a woman working to start a fire and asking an ancestor for help. It just so happened that, at this point in my life, I was working hard to connect with the earth and others in traditional, shamanic, healing ways. Talk about blowing my mind a bit! 

I remained skeptical, but kept pulling cards for myself and others. I started to learn all that I could about the card meanings, the history of Tarot, everything. It was the most excited I'd been to learn in a really long time. People that I hadn't shared my new hobby with would randomly call me and ask about pulling cards or getting a reading. My friends that already connected with the Tarot would encourage me to use the cards in different ways and not stop. 

Eventually, I couldn't ignore the way the cards were always the reminder that was needed and the lessons coming from them. I had to listen to this calling and find ways to share my gifts and passions with others. 

You can get your own reading from me and see how I use the Tarot to understand and manifest dream lives here. 

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*A note: This website is still deep in the creation process, but these pages were published in their current form to share with you. As you know, things often take longer than planned - especially art and technology. Thanks for understanding the process!*