Balancing my Dream Life as the Traveling Love Fairy

In November 2016,  I made the decision to leave social media. I had an Instagram page that was growing exponentially and bringing in decent income. My friends all over the world were extremely supportive and constantly interacted with me on Facebook. I was creating killer content and business systems for entrepreneurs in the fitness industry and really boosting their businesses. Basically, I had everything a digital entrepreneur wanted.

However, I didn’t feel satisfied.


I didn’t feel fulfilled selling the idea that people needed more things to be healthy and active adventurers via my partnerships with brands. I hated the thought of creating online fitness programs in which I couldn’t see my clients and ensure that they were doing everything correctly even though it was letting me travel. I knew that my purpose was to find my people and love them, but no clue what form it would take or how to start.

So, I disconnected to find myself with the hope that the rest would come in time. I spent almost a month camping and meditating in the woods of northern Arizona. I moved to the beautiful Eastern Sierras of California where I began to learn vibrational healing and energy work. A 33 year old Toyota Sunrader camper became my home, which I filled with cactuses and desert energy. It became my snail shell, a safe and happy place that goes nowhere fast, but allows my tiny home to be with me always to welcome others into and feel at peace. Through festivals, climbing and existing as a nomad and dirtbag - a term used with much endearment - I found my people.

My people were the ones who cared about community and happiness over houses and things. They didn’t hesitate to sit and share meals in the dirt. Where hugs were the norm and handshakes and personal space were considered awkward or overrated. The kind of people who got deep fast and weren’t afraid to question realities or social structures. Where all felt welcome and were treated with radical versions of respect, consent and love.


Once I found them, I knew what I had to offer.

So many of the people I met were struggling to find ways to support themselves that felt aligned with their values and dreams. They didn’t understand the digital entrepreneur world or have a clue that social media could be monetized without being a sellout or annoying. They had stories and skills that were begging to be shared.

I was set up with the skills to empower them to make their dream lives happen!

The scary part of my big realization was the fact that I had to get back on social media. The place where people used to leave negative comments if I posted pictures of my friends and not me. An industry that had left me feeling burnt out and uninspired. A job that used to make me feel as if I couldn’t be away from my phone for more than 15 minutes or risk losing my clients.

I wondered, could I go back and still be happy?

JennBeachMINIRESIZESet1 (6 of 6).jpg

I knew I needed clear boundaries between life and work - one that proves to be very thin when sharing your life is your work! I became inspired to make the distinction very real and tangible. My work persona, the Traveling Love Fairy, was born. When my wings are on, I’m working. I’m thinking about the perfectly staged pictures, replying to emails and how best to share my experiences with others. When the wings come off? I get to lose my phone, eat my food while it’s hot and live my slow, simple and perfect life.

With the birth of the Traveling Love Fairy, my dream life is truly complete. I have the opportunity to improve the lives of my people as a dream life enabler. There is a platform for my reality to inspire others while still spending large chunks of my time off the grid and on my own adventures.

I’m so excited to share this life with you and learn more about yours! Tell me below - do you know what your dream life looks like? Are you on the path to living it?

All the love until next time,