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You don't think I'd tell you I create kickass content and not show you proof, do you? Here, I'm excited to share the some of the highlights from my years of digital content creation. Trust me when I say I'm saving you from reading some of my early pieces!

 Below I've featured some of my favorite partnerships and creations. I specialize in helping brands find their voice, particularly when they're looking to speak more to the adventurous and nature-lovers. If you're looking to speak environmentalism, sustainability, van life, existing outdoors or living and acting consciously, I've got you. 


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Better Drinking Culture's Blog Posts and Images

Better Drinking Culture is a company with a mission to change the way people drink to prevent wasting life being hung-over. They brought me on the team to create content that would inspire members to fill their days with adventure and to help explore what those options could be. I was challenged to photograph their gear in beautiful spaces far from their home base in the Midwest, interview extreme sports athletes to understand their relationships with alcohol and, in general, to bridge the gap between those dreaming of being active outdoors and those doing it.


Working together in their words

"Adding Jenn to our blog writer team has truly helped us reach our unique audience. Her writing style shows her unique energy and out-of-the-box perspectives. Within only a few days within onboarding Jenn, she was able to produce an amazing piece on a time crunch that was incredibly impactful. We instantly fell in love! She is always pitching unique ideas and has truly adopted our manifesto as her own.  Oh and did I mention, she's a pleasure to work with. I would highly suggest Jenn if you're looking for a technically sound writer that can create engaging content."

-Natasha, Digital Content for BDC


Nancy's Website and Free Download

When I started working with Nancy, her business was booming. She'd recently been highlighted in international publications and was thrilled with how well everything was going. Except, her website was dull and didn't demonstrate the knowledge, passion and sass clients would experience working with Nancy through her coaching programs. Together we worked on finding her brand voice as we re-wrote critical pages of her website. I also added value to her offerings by turning her free offering for email list subscribers into a sparkling e-book that would resonate with and thrill her stylish, ideal clients, instead of a black and white PDF page.   

Nancy's home page

Nancy's story is one that needs sharing. Her bravery and unique path set her apart from other business and lifestyle coaches. However, her original homepage didn't efficiently describe her path or highlight her credentials. I not only rewrote the page to include her fashion-inspired brand voice but also search engine optimized (SEO) the new page to further boost her connections with future clients.

Click here for her home page before my rewrite.

*To protect both Nancy and my website ensure Google punishes neither of us for plagiarism, this content has been posted here as an image file. That's what makes it look slightly different! 

Nancy's Sales Page

Rewriting Nancy's sales page was a challenging lesson for me in developing fashion analogies, but the finished product was worth the effort! Her new program sales page is not only SEO but also demonstrates the personality behind the coaching. Nancy is no plain Jane, and her potential clients can now feel her energy and know better what to expect when they sign up for the course. 

Click here to read Nancy's original sales page. 

Nancy's Free affirmations Download

Before working with me, Nancy's "thank you" gift to her email list subscribers was an unformatted PDF page with bullet points that weren't parallel, grammar errors and a lot of information that ended up making little sense. Together we developed a downloadable e-book with printable affirmations for her subscribers to keep close - a much more useful and relatable gift for her high-class audience!  

You can view the e-book larger here


Published Work


I've had articles and blog posts published on a variety of platforms across the internet. Here are some highlights! 


Bivy Gear

Bivy is a phone app that helps you find and track all kinds of adventures. Their website is a collection of inspirational trip reports written by app users. I was tasked with writing posts that were a bit more educational than sharing just another day outside. The series is set to be monthly, so be on the lookout for more contributions! 

"Boom!" - Kelso Sand Dunes - An article on desert ecology and Leave No Trace ethics couched in a trip report from unique sand dunes in Eastern California. This post experienced the second highest number of clicks the site has ever seen. 


Eat Drink and Be Skinny

Teresa, the editor and creator of Eat, Drink and Be Skinny, reached out to me to share a few articles and add more of an adventure lifestyle perspective to her fitness and healthy eating website.

Reframing a "Failed" Adventure - A story on making the most of a trip that doesn't go according to plan

Adventure Fitness: What is Canyoneering? - An introduction to Canyoneering, one of my favorite outdoor activities

A Day at the Crag: What to Expect When You Go Outdoor Rock Climbing - Another adventure sports introduction, this time to sport climbing

The Lesson of Adventure Sports: Safely Feeling Fear - A conversation on the unique, safe place outdoor sports provide to be very afraid while simultaneously extremely safe