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Product Review - "Adventuring Through Injury"

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*The actual product name has been replaced with this rad gel throughout the article*

If you know me well or have been following me on social media, you probably have heard that last August I had a pretty severe ankle injury after swinging on a rappel canyoneering in Zion (mostly because I’m still frustrated and haven’t stopped talking about how slow this healing process is going!). I didn’t break it, but almost wished I had. It has been months and months of recovery and, in fact, still gives me problems.


I’d been trying so hard to be good. I took a long break from climbing. Or running. Or hiking. Or dancing. Or slacklining. Or pretty much anything that made me happy. I have been strengthening and taping and bracing and icing and heating and eating turmeric and avoiding inflammatory foods and wearing good shoes and going barefoot – you name it, I probably tried or at least researched it. My physical therapist agreed – slight ankle pain and a more limited mobility was probably my new normal.

So, given all of the research and the failures, when presented with the opportunity to try a new pain gel, you can see why I might be skeptical. Nothing else has worked. NOTHING! But, what the hell. Why not give it a go? At the very least it didn’t seem like it would hurt anything more than it was already. Little did I know how much it could help.

This rad gel combines traditional Chinese herbs with modern medical knowledge and practices. It focuses on promoting circulation to reduce inflammation and accelerate healing. It’s supposed to be good for sore muscles, arthritis, orthopedic pain and trauma. Basically, it can do it all. Yes, I know it sounds too good to be a real thing.

But, it is very, very much real.


When my tube of this rad gel got to my house, I had my old ankle injury and had also recently torn a muscle in my shoulder while climbing in Joshua Tree a few weeks before (I promise I’m not always injured and am super safe! It just seems that way sometimes). I followed the directions of massaging the cream into the skin until fully absorbed TWICE for each injury spot twice a day. I was even good about drinking some extra water to make sure that me being dehydrated wasn’t affecting my circulation (I’m not always the best at hydration, but I’m working on it!).

After just two days (I told myself I’d try it for a week), I had full range of motion in my ankle - which I hadn’t had in over 8 months. I couldn’t make my shoulder hurt while trying to move it in weird ways. TWO DAYS!! After 8 torturous months of limitation and rehab and pain, there was NONE!


I started calling this rad gel my magic cream and keeping it in my purse for any slight twinge of pain that might occur. I realized I forgot it on my most recent canyoneering trip to Utah when I was about 3 hours from home. I almost cried and considered turned around to go back and get it. I didn’t – I’m not that crazy – but the thought was there.  As unexpected as it was, this rad gel has become that much of an important part of my self care regimen.

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The primary ingredients are Turmeric, Gardenia, Cinnamon Twig, Safflower, Myrrh, Frankincense, Sparganium, Dragon Blood and Curcuma Rhizoma. All real, even if some of them don’t pass the pronunciation rule (if you can’t pronounce it, it shouldn’t go into/onto your body – typically a great rule of thumb, until they’re actually just words for real things in a language you don’t speak). This rad gel’s creator spent over 6 months perfecting the right combination of all of these herbs. Check out the website here to learn more and get your own tube.

Do you have any go-to remedies for injuries and pain? Have you heard of this rad gel? Share with me your epic injury and healing stories!

Disclaimer: I was provided product and compensation to try and share my feedback on this rad gel. The thoughts, experiences and gushing are all my own.