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Snail Shell Adventures

Around the same time as I was setting into camper life, I became re-obsessed with snails. The first time in my life I fell in love with snails, I would catch them on the porch of my parents' house and build tiny homes for them in containers I'd dug out of the recycling bin. I even took a few of my snail pets with me to music class one time. I adored those snails! 

Fast forward to fall of 2017 when I was settling into camper life and living in a part of Southern California where there were snails everywhere. I found myself extremely drawn to them yet again and was often found on the ground, mesmerized and watching them (totally sober - in case you wondered). I started researching snail energy and 100% connected with snails as one of my spirit animals. They don't feel a need to go anywhere fast and are content to enjoy the journey at their pace. Because they don't reproduce sexually, they embody equal parts of male and female energy. They have their tiny home, their safe place that they bring with them everywhere they go. Snails are a reminder to take what comes our way one deliberate step at a time. 


Fast Forward...

to me telling everyone I worked with that they couldn't rush me because I was in the moment and harnessing my snail energy. Pretty quickly after that, someone pointed out that I couldn't really drive anywhere fast either because the camper doesn't like to go much above 60 miles per hour. Then, one fateful day, a friend noted that the shape of my camper itself actually looks like a snail. Insert all of the excited noises in the world and the camper finally had it's name. The snail shell. Her full name is actually Shelly, the Snail Shell Sunrader. 

Camper life isn't always easy. There are the days that you clean the entire thing 8 times yet somehow all you've accomplished in making the messes is cooking breakfast. People aren't always nice when you're crawling up hills and they're in a hurry. But, this slow, intentional life is exactly where I want to be. I'm excited to bring each and every one of you along on this adventure with me!

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Could you use more Snail Shell energy in your life?

Get a sticker!

Often, it's really nice to have a reminder of a certain memory or energy with you to keep it close. It's even more awesome when that energy is a reminder to slow down, get outside and enjoy the process of your life! People kept asking how they could get involved in this beautiful dream life I was creating and be part of sharing the love of Shelly, the Snail Shell Sunrader. 

It's hard to make find ways to create those reminders when you're on a quest to reduce the amount of stuff you're surrounded by and how much trash you produce. After much soul searching, researching and talking about it way more than anyone else wanted to - stickers seemed the best way to spread the Snail Shell story and movement. Yes, stickers are plastic and create trash. Most recycled and biodegradable stickers cost a fortune and don't last when they're stuck to items you actually use, like water bottles or laptops. I decided to go with high quality vinyl stickers that will hold up through all of the adventures they're taken on. Be sure to keep me posted how they hold up and where you're using them on Instagram with #snailshelladventures

There are 3 sticker options: the clear logo (pictured here with a white background, but the actual sticker is clear!) that is 3 inches by 3 inches, the logo on a square sticker with the beige background inches which is also 3 inches by 3 inches and the rectangle hashtag which is 4 inches by 2 inches. There is not actually a border around the logo sticker with the beige background - it just had to not blend in with the website! Each sticker shipped will cost $2.00. Every additional sticker is $1.50. The challenges of setting up online ordering are real, so click here to order. Do the math and then add a note letting me know which stickers to send you and where (if your PayPal address isn't correct). 

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*A note: This website is still deep in the creation process, but these pages were published in their current form to share with you. As you know, things often take longer than planned - especially art and technology. Thanks for understanding the process!*