Traveling Love Fairy
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Working Mindfully.

Working is part of living. Without giving something back to the world and using the gifts you’ve been given, life doesn’t have much purpose. And as fun as it can be to to daydream about setting up the perfect campsite and never leaving again, let’s face it, you’d get burnt out eventually without a reason to exist.  Therefore, it has to follow that It is 100% possible to both live your dream life and work. it may be hard to believe right now, but working does not have to be something that sucks your soul, takes all of your energy and generally makes you miserable. Once you have your dream life defined (if that’s your struggle, I can help with that too), you just have to be intentional about the way you go about things.  

Sometimes, the most important part of developing work in your dream life is to set your schedule and stick with it. Maybe it’s finding a certain scented candle or meditation method to make you more focused and productive so that you can make more time to play. Often, working in mindful ways to manifest your dream life means focusing on where your gifts are and asking for help where you need it. 


Does this sound familiar? 

You’ve got your dream life worked out and you have a general idea of what needs to happen to begin working digitally and spending more time living.  However, the super long to do list and new skills you need are making you feel stuck and overwhelmed. THAT’S WHAT I’M HERE FOR! I wouldn’t call myself a dream life enabler if I didn’t think I could help. From developing your brand and marketing strategy to working behind the scenes to get shit done for you and from streamlining your systems to creating bomb content for you or your site, I am here with you and for you on this journey.

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If you're ready to jump into making your dream life your reality with me by your side, take a breath and pick a card below to get started!

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I need content! 

Are you looking to add an adventurous or outdoorsy spin to your already existing website? Do you know what you want to say, but find yourself without the time to write it down? Have you struggled to find your voice? Let me write for you as either a contributor or copywriter.

I need branding!

You've got the idea. You've got the passion. You've got the motivation. You just...can't get it to click or convert into a thriving business. Let me come in with my fresh perspective and ability to geek out over the energies behind fonts and colors to make your business and brand shine with all that you are. 

I need systems!

Has running your business become overwhelming? Do you have more projects than you know what to do with? Are you over trying to learn a new skill? Would you just like to clone yourself most days? Let me jump in and take some of the burden (or set you up so I'm not even necessary!)

*A note: This website is still deep in the creation process, but these pages were published in their current form to share myself and skills with you. As you know, things often take longer than planned - especially art. I challenged myself to connect with my, somewhat hidden, artistic side and create all of the site graphics by myself. It's been a wonderful learning process with new, invaluable skills. However, sometimes a girl needs to work at what she's already good at too and right now that means putting up temporary graphics, a header that won't sit right and a non-search engine optimized page for the sake of making your life easier, creating some bomb content and developing your rad brand! Thanks for understanding the process!*